Serious Game


3D Artist: Tenghao Wang (Ryan)                                                                                                                  

Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center                                                                    

Building Virtual Worlds, Round1 

As a small team of 5 students (2 programmers, 2 artists, 1 sound designer), we try to build up the experience of death in two weeks. The user acts as indication of family’s love to enter the old patient's body and fight with the pain. The monster actually is a metaphor of the pain, and the user’s behavior will result in different game endings which the old man will peacefully die or badly.

Platform: Oculus Rift and Ps Move

Reality University and Career Simulator

Sponsor: African American Council.
Programmer: Tenghao Wang(Ryan)  February 2013- March 2013

The Reality University School and Career Simulator was a group project of two people: me and another student who focused on the art part. I was mainly in charge of programming part in Unity 3D engine. The basic game mechanics was discussed with our supervisor and council advisor. Programming and scripting was all performed to create the game behavior, scoring system, graphic user interface (GUI), timer, and keyboard/mouse controls. Programming was done with C# in Unity MonoDevelop. After completing the initial game development, the game was tested for bugs and playability. Adjustments were made to balance the distribution of points and cost of ability upgrades to fit better within the 20-minute time limit. The game was then tested on the lab machines to be used for the Reality University Conference.

The Reality University School and Career simulator was developed to help students understand the importance of a college education and the relationship between knowledge learned in school and the opportunities it can provide later in life. The game was used by Forty-four students during the Reality University conference and received positive comments and high praise.