Rigging Demo Reel 2015

"Racing" Rigging

I am now working on the animation project "Racing" talking about 5 fish-like creatures with different personalities race through a steampumk style obstacle course.

In this project, I take the role of technical director and rigger in charge of designing and maintaining animation pipeline and designing special non-biped rigs for our cute characters.


  • Special non-biped creature structure
  • Flexible deformation for the character and shell
  • Emotional expressions without eyebrows or eyelids

I worked closely with animator to design the emotion sheet for each character and built the animator-friendly rigs. Below is the final rigging demo:

 "Shattered" Character Rigging

I worked on the animation project "Shattered" talking about the sun god Helios who grants his only mortal son one wish at a cost. Inspired by ancient Greek pottery we will use 3D animation with special 2D shader to portray the fathers emotion visually and through narrative. 

In this project, I took the role of 3D technical artist in charge of character modeling, texturing and rigging. Moreover, I worked with technical director to determine a feasible technical pipeline for the animation. The animation won the 36th Telly Award.

As technical rigger, I implement the following character rigs points beyond the basics:

  • Counter-twist system for the thighs and shoulders.
  • Preserving volume in the buttocks, knees and elbows.
  • Dynamically parenting the legs and arms.
  • Auto Clavicle system which allow the clavicle  to follow the arm controls
  • IK/FK switching for the arm control

I also used some simple scripts to fasten my speed in rigging and some expressions to get a better second motion.